address [/əˈdres/]


  • a place where someone lives


  • to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • to speak or write to someone

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

ADDRESS is a community for those who value the best in residential design. Ogle the most beautiful homes in Singapore, told through the eyes of their creators, and possibly even rent or buy them. Looking to sell one too? This is the place to be. 

Using a curated approach, we guide you through front doors to tour the homes. Conversations are centred on the three design principles of form, function and beauty laid down by Vitruvius all those centuries ago. We value aesthetics, user experience, materials, layouts, landscaping and sustainability.

Singapore is the natural place to begin but it is only a starting point. Southeast Asia as a whole, with its cornucopia of inspiring design, beckons.

ADDRESS was founded by Nic Allen, a British publisher of design and technology titles who has accumulated more than three decades experience working in Singapore, China, India and Europe. For years, as he travelled to and from the city state especially, he scratched his head over an apparent disconnect he spotted. 

Here was a society which clearly appreciated good design, but where multi-million-dollar homes were also listed on real estate sites with imagery and descriptions that did not mirror their true value. So, when he finally had a bit of time on his hands, courtesy of the pandemic, Nic decided enough was enough. But rather than tackle this Goliath head on, he settled on an alternative path. 

From the lockdown confines of his home on the Welsh border, he conceived ADDRESS as a brand that will demonstrate the power of design in the residential space. The first order of business is to create a community of spatial designers, property-porn oglers and home owners to celebrate all things hearth-related. 

As he drew up his plans, he had a fortuitous meeting of minds with Low Shi Ping. Previously the editor of design and architecture magazine d+a, she had recently left that position and was looking for new ways to contribute to the design community.

They naturally decided to join forces and launch a platform that, well, addresses the issues he identified. Nic enlisted the support of Natalie Tan, the web designer with whom he’d previously collaborated, and work began on the project in early 2023. Once established, the plan is to bring the brand into the next phase, where those looking to market residential property can do so on its platforms. The caveat? Only if it is well-designed – because it is high time we worship at the altar of Beauty. 

Among Nic’s favourite residential projects in Singapore is Reflections at Keppel Bay, designed by Daniel Libeskind with DCA Architects.
Image credit: Grayswoodsurrey (Wikimedia Commons)