Pupil Office

A space is defined by its function. Careful consideration of the needs and wants of its clients is where Pupil Office starts in developing the concepts and ideas behind an optimal spatial layout.


The world is made up of colours, and inspired by blends and combinations of these colours in everything that is seen on a regular basis, whether consciously or sub-consciously. Pupil Office believes its role is to help clients streamline and curate this mix in order to evoke an immediate emotional response when they enter their space.


Tactility, beauty and quality are some of the key virtues of the materials it selects for its clients. It aims to amplify the natural qualities they already possess, to bring a quiet and luxurious feel to the spaces it uses them in.


The subtleties of fine details in any given space sets one apart from the other. From specially sourced hardware, to the proportions in a piece of built furniture, paired with colour and material choices, these all come together in a unique and special blend that further enhance any given space it works on.


While natural sunlight plays an integral part in enhancing the beauty of a space during the day, it is important to it to also consider the tone that is set in the late evenings. Understanding how light plays on the materials and finishes, it works to create a space that can be just as much appreciated late into the day through purposeful ambient lighting.


Creating unique furnishings specific to the needs and aesthetic sensibilities of each client and space. It works alongside craftsmen and artisans who are truly in tune with their crafts to realise these pieces of furniture, carpets and other commissions.


Be it from a known brand or sourced specially through vintage stores, it selects pieces for its clients through careful deliberation of silhouettes, materials, colours and proportions. These pieces should work alongside the spatial materials and custom furnishings; marrying all three and one should not compete with the other.

Pupil Office