Q&A with Vanessa Ong & Elisa Massone, MASSONEONG: We value quality over quantity

Q&A with Vanessa Ong & Elisa Massone, MASSONEONG: We value quality over quantity

Q&A with Vanessa Ong & Elisa Massone, MASSONEONG: We value quality over quantity

You both pride yourselves on offering a fresh take on luxury in the built environment. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this and why you felt it needed a makeover? 

Luxury is often associated with flashy, high-profile items that scream for attention. But there’s a different kind of luxury that we aim for — one that’s all about understated elegance and refined simplicity. Here, we value quality over quantity, embracing a “less is more” approach where having less is so fabulous that anything more becomes redundant.

When you design residential projects (including showflats), you also place an importance on the curation and styling of the spaces. Why are these important to you? 

Curation and styling add personality to a space, elevating good design to one that speaks for itself. Art often plays a role in the design process, while styling serves as the beautiful finale of a well-thought-out project. We delight in discovering the perfect objects and artefacts, each with its own unique story.

Which three designers, from the past or present, do you most admire? Why?

  1. Gae Aulenti – ​She is one of the most influential women in Italy in a very male-dominated industry of the last century, as well as a pioneer in industrial, interior and exhibition design.
  2. Christian Liaigre – He is the best representation of sophisticated luxury, and whose aesthetic was synonymous with easy, timeless style and elegance.
  3. Kengo Kuma – We enjoy how he fuses traditional Japanese architecture with contemporary design and innovative elements

What are your three favourite buildings in SE Asia? 

  1. Golden Mile Complex, Singapore
  2. National Gallery Singapore
  3. Alila Uluwatu Villas, Bali

How do the both of you build on each other’s strengths to execute a MASSONEONG project? 

Our collaborative strength lies in the synergy between our architectural backgrounds and diverse cultural origins. Our duo represents an East-meets-West collaboration. Vanessa’s keen attention to detail and impeccable taste, combined with Elisa’s instinctive creative style and natural ability to think in three dimensions, allow us to complement each other’s strengths seamlessly. We are both deeply passionate about design and derive joy from working together to execute projects with precision and innovation.

Vanessa Ong and Elisa Massone are the Directors of MASSONEONG.